These words are designed to make you love us.
(Words won’t matter, if you push play.)
They said, “You need a BIO!”
They said, “You’ll be big in Japan by Tuesday!” if we only had a BIO.
So we coughed up timelines, unearthed trophies and by the time we started naming names for our name dropping campaign
we’d repulsed ourselves and quit taking our own calls.
As for validating ourselves, as if history of this kind matters…that all rests on the power of the music.
This is our many years of doing.
We know how we got here.
Do you?
Oh how happy we are that you are here!
1985 – > 1995 – > 2000 – > 2005 – > 2010 – > 2015 – > 2019 – > 2022

Johnny Blade • James Hall • Jack Massey • Jaz Jillette • James Wahl • Mark Patrick • Roman Glick • Sam Smithwick • Jeff Tomei